Backend API

With the Design First principles (for REST or GraphQL endpoints) at the root, Configurable Integrations and Stability Patterns build-in, Knot.x is the robust framework for building backend APIs like:

  • API Gateway
  • Backend For Frontend
  • Web API
  • SPA Security Layer

Manageable Integrations & Continuous Replatforming

Knot.x can combine the experiences of a legacy CMS and a modern one (such as the Adobe Experience Manager) while your site is undergoing a migration. Moreover it connects the authoring experience that CMS gives with the dynamic data from external systems (such as CRM, stock exchange service). So the integration can be gradually introduced, first by integrating CMS-driven components, then dynamic components from various systems like e-commerce. Knot.x integrates with all kinds of systems from CMS, through web services, to low-level storages like databases or caches and it's not limited to HTTP.


Knot.x infuses the required resilience into the platform to avoid failure cascading and keep the platform responsive even when facing failures.

Microservices 2.0

Knot.x was built with micro-services principles in mind, the modules are not dependent on one another. Each module can run in a different data center or host, keeping the intercommunication behind the scenes. Unified communication between modules over the internal event bus hides the communication complexity and enables you to build each module in languages other than Java (Ruby, Groovy, JavaScript, Kotlin, Scala).


Scalability is the first-class citizen in Knot.x. Thanks to the modularity you can scale each module vertically (on one host) and/or horizontally (over multiple hosts) to get best possible performance or response to an unexpected increase in website traffic. With message-driven architecture, you can extend the system to handle the scale without changing a line of code.