Let’s imagine an online banking website containing different features like a chat box, exchange rates, stock data and user profile information. The site has a high performance characteristic, despite its complexity and target publishing channels. All those features come from different providers/vendors having their own teams working in various modes, technologies and release cycles. Knot.x connects all of them in a controlled and isolated way, preventing any undesired interferences. It combines asynchronous programming principles and message-driven architecture providing a scalable platform for modern sites. Knot.x connects all of the above to create a unified customer experience.


Knot.x assembles all features/services into HTML pages in a very efficient manner. It loads and analyses static pages from Repository, collects dynamic features asynchronously and injects them into your page.


Knot.x supports simple and multi-step forms. Easily handles submission errors, form validations and redirects. Knot.x allows you to define a graph of interconnected steps, responding to user input or site visitor choices.


Knot.x gives you the ability to use simple Mocks. This allows you to expose your sample data directly to pages even if the real service is not available yet, and switch to the real service without any further development work.


Knot.x is a fully modular platform with very flexible extension points that we call Knots and Adapters that efficiently communicates with Knot.x Core using event bus. Thanks to the polyglot nature of Vert.x you can implement extensions in languages other than Java.