Knot.x 1.4.0 released!

Knot.x 1.4.0

Release Notes


  • PR-427 - HttpRepositoryConnectorProxyImpl logging improvements
  • PR-422 - Configurable Handlebars delimiters
  • PR-428 - Mark all Service Knot related classes deprecated.
  • PR-432 - Port unit and integration tests to JUnit 5
  • PR-440 - Enable different Vert.x Config stores types fix.
  • PR-443 - Update maven plugins versions.
  • PR-445 - Vert.x version upgrade to 3.5.3
  • PR-458 - Remove unused StringToPattern function


  • PR-2 - JUnit 5 libraries added
  • PR-7 - Configure Knot.x Data Bridge in BOM file
  • PR-9 - Updated JUnit, added Apache Collections v4 and AssertJ versions
  • PR-10 - Vert.x version upgraded to 3.5.3


First release of the Knot.x Junit5 module that enables full support for Junit5 in Knot.x tests.


First release of the Knot.x Data Bridge module that replaces old Knot.x Service Knot (which is now deprecated and will be removed soon).


  • PR-5 - Knot.x Data Bridge introduced instead of Service Knot
  • PR-18 - Introduced Junit5 and integration tests module
  • PR-25 - Fixed http repo headers conifg


  • PR-19 - Fixed http repo headers conifg

Upgrade Notes

Replace Service Knot with Data Bridge Knot

Notice! You may still use old Service Knot with Knot.x 1.4 if you want In order to start using Knot.x with Data Bridge do following changes:

Configuration files

  1. In your main config, update modules section from:


  1. Define Data Bridge constants in the global section of application.conf:
    # Data Bridge globals
    bridge {
     address = knotx.knot.databridge
     dataSource {
       http.address = knotx.bridge.datasource.http
  2. nstead including serviceKnot.conf and serviceAdapter.conf change includes to dataBridge.conf and dataSourceHttp.conf. You will find examples of those files in knotx-stack distribution.
  3. Move all your services definitions from serviceKnot.conf to dataDefinitions in dataBridge.conf.
  4. Move all your services definitions from serviceAdapter.conf to dataSourceHttp.conf.

Refer to example application.conf in the Knot.x Stack project.

Page templates

Alter all Knot.x snippets in your repository.

  1. Update data-knotx-knots values from services to databridge.
  2. Update data bindings from data-knotx-service-${NAMESPACE} to data-knotx-databridge-name-${NAMESPACE}.
  3. Update data params from data-knotx-params-${NAMESPACE} to data-knotx-databridge-params-${NAMESPACE}.

If you use custom param-prefix (default is data-knotx-), you may also set them for Knot.x Data Bridge module.

Custom adapters upgrade

If you implemented your own Service Adapter (by implementing io.knotx.proxy.AdapterProxy refactor it to implement instead.

Tests update

Knot.x 1.4 comes with JUnit 5 support. Instead of including knotx-core start using knotx-junit5. Instead of using @RunWith(VertxUnitRunner.class) use extension @ExtendWith(KnotxExtension.class).

Also you don't need those any more:

  private RunTestOnContext vertx = new RunTestOnContext();
  private TestVertxDeployer knotx = new TestVertxDeployer(vertx);
  public RuleChain chain = RuleChain.outerRule(vertx).around(knotx);

Just annotate your tests with @KnotxApplyConfiguration("path-to-config") instead of @KnotxConfiguration("path-to-config").

You may find example of migrating Knot.x JUnit tests in those PRs:

Fix Http Repository headers wildcards

In the Http Repository configuration update allowedRequestHeaders section. * is no longer a wildcard, now regexp are allowed so e.g. change any:

allowedRequestHeaders = [


allowedRequestHeaders = [

All regular expressions are supported.