On this page, you can download the Knot.x distributions based on the Knot.x Launcher.


This package contains the full and self-contained Knot.x distribution (with all dependencies and 3rd party libraries). All you need to run it is Java. The stack is ready to launch a basic Knot.x instance. We use Stack to build a Docker image.

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You may find older packages here.

Starter Kit

This package contains a template project that simplifies Knot.x project setup. It allows you to customize the Knot.x distribution with your own modules and configuration entries. Then it builds and validates your custom Docker image.

Knot.x Starter Kit 2.3.1 (.zip)
September 06, 2021 | 87 KB

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You can install the Knot.x distribution in a Docker container by running:

docker image pull knotx/knotx:2.3.1

The image is intended to be used by extension using the Docker FROM directive. We use the Knot.x Docker image in the Knot.x Starter Kit.

You may find alpine and full versions at the Docker Hub.

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