Hello Rest Service

Hello Rest Service - Tutorial showing how Knot.x can be used to transform a static website into a dynamic one. The tutorial uses the Google Books API to fetch data about books and Knot.x to inject it into an HTML template


Adapt Service without Web API

The Adapt Service without Web API Tutorial is the next step on our path to learning Knot.x. Today we will deal with data that comes directly from a database (we will not use a Web API layer this time). With just one simple Service Adapter, we will fetch the data and let Knot.x inject it into an HTML template.


Client-side integration approach with Knot.x

There are two main concepts of integrating external services into your system: client-side and backend. Both approaches have strong sides which used in smart way will benefit your solution. However, they both have weak sides which might bring you many unwanted worries. Knot.x supports both approaches, bringing out their pros and limiting their cons. In this tutorial we will show you how to use Knot.x Gateway to create a consistent Web API for your client-side integration.